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Nestled away in the busy urban area of Sector 132, Noida, ACE Capitol is a striking example of excellent modern architecture and environmentally conscious design. ACE Capitol, which is situated at Plots B-37 and B-37A, is a Gold Certified building by the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) and provides a distinctive fusion of luxury, sustainability, and cutting-edge services. This essay explores the several attributes and advantages that set ACE Capitol apart as a top option for Noida office space.

ACE Capitol is a visionary project that redefines urban workspaces; it is more than just an office building. It is made to meet the changing requirements of contemporary enterprises while offering a calm and dependable atmosphere. ACE Capitol offers office spaces for lease that are designed to meet a variety of business needs, making sure that every workspace is ideal for its users.

A Paradigm of Excellence

1. Community: ACE Capitol has the primary objective of creating a living environment that would be productive and would improve the quality of life of its residents. There are special areas in the building provided for specific tasks to improve mental and bodily well-being.

  • TED Talk Sessions: There is a specific place for TED Talks, to discuss and showcase innovative ideas, and also stories that are capable of raising people.
  • Seminars: Seminars are held in the building and they cover various sectors to ensure that knowledge exchange and continued learning occurs.
  • Group Discussions: There are also sections for large group discussions, supplementing healthy debate and allowing for creativity sessions.
  • Mind Matters: With this in mind, ACE Capitol provides psychiatrist counseling to ensure the mental health of the occupants is taken care of.
  • External Hygiene: To reduce the spread of diseases in the building, the interior is very clean, and much effort is ensured to keep the places clean.

2. Technology: Our ACE Capitol uses advanced technology to help work more efficiently and provide a better user experience. It has a smart access and management solution app that was created and designed specifically for this building.

  • Visitor Management: Another advantage of the system is that occupants can approve guests, reserve parking for them, and get notifications on the guest’s arrival.
  • Payments Management: This one also makes it possible to manage invoices well and the payment process is easy, financially.
  • Parking Management: Residents are informed of available parking spaces; this is when their cars enter or leave the parking lot through the gate or boom.

3. Create & Construct: The dedication to quality and sustainability is evident in the planning and building of ACE Capitol. The structure is planned to take full advantage of natural light and ventilation, which lowers energy use and improves indoor air quality. ACE Capitol is committed to environmental stewardship, which is further demonstrated by the use of sustainable building methods and eco-friendly materials.

4. Security: At ACE Capitol, security is our top priority. Advanced security systems, such as controlled access points, round-the-clock surveillance, and armed guards, are installed throughout the building. All occupants are guaranteed a safe and secure atmosphere thanks to these precautions.

Amenities & Facilities

ACE Capitol provides several features and installations meant to improve the well-being of its tenants with additional aspects provided for convenience. These features are balancing between access and human well-being, which makes it a versatile workspace solution.

  • Car Parking: Enough car parking provisions have two basement levels that ease all the inhabitants in the building.
  • Auditorium: The 100-seater auditorium is spacious enough for meetings, presentations, and other activities.
  • Training Room: There are well-appointed training facilities for professional or skill updates and improvement.
  • Gym: A contemporary gym with different facilities for well-being handles the health requirements of the inhabitants.
  • Cafeteria: A wide range of delicious snacks are provided in a cafeteria located on-site with a small restaurant area.
  • Amphitheatre: The facility also includes the open-air theatre which is used for live social functions, games, and other leisure activities.
  • High-end Restaurants: Several of these restaurants are ideal for celebratory lunches or business meetings due to their opulence.
  • Day Care: A clean, safe, and secure daycare center for the children of the occupants of the house is provided.
  • Multi-Cuisine Food Court: The food court is quite versatile as it provides numerous delicious food choices from different cuisines.
  • Service Floors for Tenants: The tenant has an option of flexible service floors in case they offer different services depending on the needs of the business.
  • Medical Aid: The features include a medical lounge that includes an isolation area and an ambulance in case there is a need for medical attention.

Physical & Spiritual Well-being

The purpose of ACE Capitol is to improve residents' physical and spiritual well-being. The structure has several areas devoted to enhancing both physical and mental well-being.

  • Group Discussions: Discussion spaces encourage a cooperative atmosphere where opinions and ideas are openly exchanged.
  • Seminars: Frequent seminars promote understanding of diverse topics and foster both professional and personal development.
  • TED Talk Sessions: A special space for TED Talks promotes the exchange of creative concepts and moving narratives.
  • External Hygiene: Strict guidelines are upheld to provide a sterile atmosphere that fosters general health and well-being.
  • Mind Matters: Recognizing the value of psychological well-being, psychiatrist therapy sessions are offered to enhance the residents' mental health.

About Us

One of the best examples of a contemporary office building that combines elegance, sustainability, and utility is ACE Capitol, located in Sector 132, Noida. Because of its dedication to design, technology, community, and security, it provides an unmatched work environment. The wide array of facilities and amenities guarantees that the residents' physical, emotional, and spiritual needs are met. ACE Capitol not only meets but is above the requirements of excellence in urban workspace design, as evidenced by its designation as an IGBC Gold Certified Building. ACE Capitol is the place to be if you're searching for a calm and trustworthy workspace or a lively community that enhances your career.

ACE Capitol Sector 132 Noida Amenities

  • Hospital

  • Transportation

  • SPA

  • Intercom facility

  • Airport

  • Shopping Center

  • Community center

  • Bear Bar

  • Rain Water Harvesting

  • Resturent

  • Coffee Shop

  • Parking

  • Gardens

  • Indoor Games

  • Out Door Games

  • Mini Theater

  • Club House

  • Security Guard

  • wifi

  • GYM

  • CCTV

  • Wheelchair

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